Curriculum Vitae

Dr., Prof. Ivan GrabarDr., Prof. Ivan Grabar

Name: Ivan G. Grabar


Title: Doctor of Technical Science, professor, academician of Academy of the Higher School of Ukraine, prof. of Department of Automobiles and Technological Systems of Zhytomyr State Technological University, Vice-Rector for Research of Zhytomyr National University of Agriculture and Ecology.


Education: Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1976, Ukraine). Candidate of science thesis (non-linear phenomena of fatigue damages accumulation in aluminium material, 1983). Doctor of Science thesis (thermo-activation analysis and synergetic of deformation and destruction of materials and constructions, 1993).


Experience: Since 1976 is working at the university as engineer and senior engineer, junior research officer, assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor, professor, chief of the department, first Pro-rector, Pro-rector of science work.


Cooperation: participated at the national and international projects management (Test operation on low-cycle fatigue of rotor of one-shaft stationary compressor BA 20007M, made by SUMSUNG AEROSPACE (South Korea), 1996; Stationary vacuum electric charges, what used as method of thermo-activation fusion of thin films with given characteristics (active) and others. 2004-2007 Leader of the FP6 project “Multifunctional percolated nanostructured ceramics fabricated from hydroxylapatite”.


Publications: more than 250 publications and 12 patents.